Davide Sorrenti

Davide Sorrenti (July 9, 1976 – February 4, 1997) was an Italian fashion photographer, son of photographer and advertiser Francesca Sorrenti, and brother of Mario Sorrenti (born 1971) and Vanina Sorrenti (born 1973), also fashion photographers. Early Life Davide Sorrenti was born 1976 in Naples, Italy, in a family of talented photographers (unofficially they have become known as the Corleones of fashion photography; his mother Francesca Sorrenti, renowned fashion photographer, as well as his five-year older brother Mario; and his sister Vanina, (after his death) also proved to be a talented photographer. The Sorrentis moved to New York in the early 1980s, partly because Sorrenti had thalasse

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