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at the age of 10 moby started playing guitar and taking photographs. his uncle joseph kugielsky was a photographer for the new york times, and when moby was 10 joseph gave him a Nikon F as his first camera.

moby spent his junior high school and high school years shooting with his Nikon F and a Yashica mat 120, and when he was 17 he built a darkroom in his basement.

at college/university moby had a double major in philosophy and photography, and although he never graduated he spent years and years in the suny purchase darkroom, developing and printing for himself and others.

although he'd been shooting pictures since he was 10 years old, moby's first official shows happened concurrently at the clic gallery and the brooklyn museum in 2010.

moby's first book and series of gallery shows, 'destroyed', were inspired by his years as a touring musician and the isolation and alienation that arise from spending years in lifeless and anonymous spaces.

moby's second collection, at the kopeikin gallery in los angeles, dealt with the complexity and terror and exuberance of crowds. for this series he shot decontextualized pictures of huge crowds during different concerts on 4 continents.

moby's third gallery show, 'innocents', is predicated on the idea that the apocalypse has already happened. the show is a look at the apocalypse and a post-apocalyptic 'cult of innocents' that has arisen in the wake of the apocalypse.



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